Rubbish Stool Instruction Design + Workshop

Rubbish Stool Instructions

After refining the design + construction of my ‘rubbish’ stools (see project here); I created a set of instructions that can be easily followed by others as a guide to making their own stools. I user tested these instructions by running a short workshop at the Arnolfini in Bristol for some of my peers. Two perfectly functional stools were made as a result and everyone seemed to enjoy the process. 


The instructions were written over an A2 page and were then folded into an 8 page booklet. On the other side of the paper I designed a poster to give details about the workshop I ran. When designing this booklet I was very conscious of the materials I would use to print it. I wanted the outcome to be as sustainable as possible and to have a long life; through choosing a thin typeface and by including only two colours (black and green), the amount of ink used was kept to a minimum. I also printed onto paper made from recycled coffee cups. Through using a decorative typeface and illustrations my hope is that people who took part in the workshop will keep or display the poster as a memory of the event, or just as decoration. This encourages printed outcomes to have a longer life and not become another disposable object.